Leak Protection Systems

"Protecting Your Home From

Water Leak Disasters"


What areas do you service? 

Our service area includes the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex area. 

Why is the WaterCop so effective at stopping water leaks? 

Several reasons. The WaterCop is an active whole house automatic leak detector and shut-off system. Active means it shuts off the water without anyone being there. Our sensors are location specifc; the WaterCop Pro system will tell you where there is a problem.

​Most leak detectors simply beep when they detect water. Not much help. Some more advanced ones have a valve and a sensor at every location where you have water. Not very cost effective and a great deal of trouble to install and protect all the areas that truly need protecting. The WaterCop is manufactured in the United States by DynaQuip. DynaQuip has been around for over 50 years designing and manufacturing superior products and providing outstanding personal service. 

​Who installs my system? 

It is crucial the equipment is properly installed. We install all the equipment. We test all your wireless sensors with your valve before installing and test again once we have placed everything in the correct location. Our fully licensed plumber installs the WaterCop fully automatic valve on your main water line. We are very selective where we place the wireless sensors so they not only are in the best location to detect a leak, but also where they are hidden from view. 

How many water sensors can I use?

Each WaterCop system can support an unlimited number of water and low temperature sensors. We place sensors near or under washing machines, water heaters, ice makers, dishwashers, humidifiers, sinks, toilets, and other areas that are most likely to be the source of water leaks.

How much water must be present for a flood sensor to detect a leak?

It takes only a few ounces of water contacting the sensor to activate the device. 

What happens to the WaterCop during a power outage?

The WaterCop control valve will not automatically change position when power fluctuates. The valve will remain in the position it was in prior to loss of power and retain that position when power is restored. Optional back up power supplies are also available for the actuator and valve to keep them working during a power outage..

Does WaterCop help me qualify for a discount on my homeowner's insurance premiums?

Yes. Insurance companies have different rate plans and also offer different types of discounts. One of the most common discounts is the "Claim Free" discount. Once you go a certain amount of time without a claim, you qualify for a discount. The longer you go without a claim, the larger the discount. In addition to that discount, some insurance companies offer discounts for different devices (emergency automatic water shut-off systems or security system enhancements) that help prevent loss. Check with your insurance company to see what other discounts may apply. 

What is the maximum range between the WaterCop sensors & the WaterCop control valve?

The WaterCop sensors have a maximum transmission range of up to 200 feet (clear line of sight). The actual and effective working range is usually less than this maximum and will vary from installation to installation.  We also use sensor signal repeaters to boost the signal to fill in any gaps.  

How long will the batteries in my sensors last?

A pair of standard AA alkaline batteries should operate a sensor for about one year, assuming that the system was never tripped by a leak. The sensor will sound a low battery warning for approximately five to seven days prior to the batteries going completely dead. Optional A/C adapters are available for added convenience. 

Can the WaterCop work with my security or home automation system? 

The WaterCop is a stand alone system and does not need to be connected to any alarm equipment to work properly. In most cases the WaterCop systems may be connected to your existing alarm or home automation system if desired. The WaterCop is equipped with auxiliary input/output contacts and can be wired directly into your other equipment. Please consult your security system manual or your alarm monitoring company for installation support. 

How can I turn off my water supply manually using the WaterCop?

One of the really nice features of the WaterCop system is being able to turn your water off or on with the push of a button. The easiest way is to use the wireless remote monitoring station. Just push the red button and your water is turned off or the green button to turn the water back on. On most houses it would be a lot of trouble (or almost impossible) to turn your water off quickly and easily. You can also use the buttons on the actual actuator.

Are there any monthly monitoring fees to properly use the WaterCop leak protection system?


Does the WaterCop protect against frozen or burst pipes?

Although the WaterCop system cannot prevent your pipes from freezing, optional temperature sensors can shut off your water in the event that the ambient indoor temperature near pipes equipped with these sensors drops below a preset temperature (approx. 38°F +/- 2°F)