The Number One Reason For Home Insurance Claims


Damage to your home and possessions by a water leak is the number one reason homeowners file an insurance claim. Not fire, not smoke, not theft. Water leaks are number one. You are 7-10 times more likely to have damage from water than from fire. 


Think about it. Have you ever had a water leak in your home? If not, more than likely you know someone that had one and it was probably a major ordeal. Water leaks can be devastating.

Consider all the places in your home where there is a water connection of some type. Clothes washer hoses, hot water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerator plastic water lines, ice makers, toilets, and water supply lines, etc.


Insurance companies recommend a whole house active water leak protection systems like the WaterCop. The WaterCop is truly the best way to protect your home and possessions from a damaging water leak. 

We offer the best protection against water leak damage. The WaterCop system is highly regarded as the best way to prevent water leaks 24/7 whether you're at home or not. Within seconds after a water leak is detected the water in your entire house is turned off. Fix the leak and push a button and your water is back on. How great is that!!!


"Protecting Your Home From Water Leak Disasters"

Reducing your risk of water leaks is important to us. We will evaluate areas in your home where you are at risk for a water leak. We will give you a written report based on the best leak prevention practices of the top insurance companies.


Our report will include specific things you can do to reduce your risk of water damage in your home due to water leaks.


We will also give you a short demo of the WaterCop; the most advanced whole house automatic leak protection system on the market. 


There is absolutely no cost to you for this appointment. We will give you information that may save you from having a damaging water leak in your home and possibly costing you thousands of dollars and destroying irreplaceable personal



Appointment Requirement: This appointment is for homeowners only. That's it. No high pressure sales person; just pertinent information that can make a huge difference to you.

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Free Water Leak Risk Analysis

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"Protecting Your Home From

Water Leak Disasters"

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